aluminum gazebo canopy

Aluminum gazebo canopy

We've already talked about aluminum a little bit in the article on the metal gazebo canopy.
However, we found it necessary to talk in more detail about aluminum, since it's one of the most used materials for (modern) gazebo canopies.

Its melting point lies above 580°C, so you don't have to worry when it gets too hot.
Although aluminum is a chemcially made product, it is not toxic, and can be re-used after it served his purpose of being a gazebo canopy.

Possibilities with aluminum

aluminum gazebo canopy Often an aluminum gazebo canopy is not completely made out of aluminum. Most gazebo canopies are made partly out of aluminum.
Since aluminum is such a strong material for constructions, the construction of a gazebo canopy is made out of aluminum.
Thus, the beams and posts are mostly made out of aluminum.
The roofing will be made out of another material. You can choose for a wooden roof, a PVC roof, but most people choose a roofing out of some sort of shade cloth.

Advantages and disadvantages

We already listed them up in the article on metal, but we don't mind refreshing your mind.

An aluminum gazebo canopy is strong.aluminum gazebo canopy The construction can hold a lot of weight, and at the same time you won't need to worry about accidents. Another advantage we haven't summed up before, is that aluminum won't wear off by standing outside.
Most metals are slowly discolouring because of the sun and rain, but aluminum is completely colourfast.
Since aluminum is damp proof, you won't need to worry about mold infesting your gazebo canopy. The same counts for water, insects and rotting; the aluminum gazebo canopy is perfectly resistant against all of this! This materials is absolutely one of the easiest to maintain.
This long lasting product can be recycled after it's done its long lasting service as your garden canopy.

aluminum gazebo canopy Disadvantages
All kinds of metal are always quite expensive, aluminum is no exception! Some people also see the limited colour options as a disadvantage, but you can easily paint aluminum with specialized coatings. However, when you paint your aluminum gazebo canopy, be aware that you'll have to start maintaining it more than usually.