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Gazebo canopy advantages

In the articles about the possible materials you can choose for your gazebo canopy, you coiuld already read the advantages and disadvantages of these materials.
However, we did not yet list up the specific advantages of a gazebo canopy.
Be sure to compare these advantages with the disadvantages, these can be found on this page.

1. A gazebo canopy protects you, your family and your furniture against the sun. You won't longer get burned by sitting outside, and the UV-rays won't longer discolour your furniture over time.
Because the gazebo canopy has such a large shadow surface you'll be perfectly safe by sitting under this type of pergola.

2. Most type of awnings make you lose your view. With a gazebo canopy you'll keep your view, and in fact, you'll get a better view! You won't longer be bothered by sunrays piercing in your eyes!
gazebo canopy advantages
3. There are a lot of placement options for a gazebo canopy. You can place them freestanding, but if you'd rather have them as a lengthening piece of your home, you can construct your gazebo canopy as a patio roof.

4. The appearance of a gazebo canopy comes in many sorts. Rectangular, rounded, triangular, with or without roof, with or without fringes, pergolas, patio roofs, ...

5. An annex or outbuilding will always be of more value to your house.

6. If you'd like, you can transform your gazebo canopy into a fully working orangery.
This will work with sliding doors and extra insulation.