advantages gazebo canopy

Gazebo canopy disadvantages

Too bad not everything comes only with advantages!
Be sure to compare the advantages with the following disadvantages. The disadvantages of the different materials (aluminum, wood, glass, PVC) can be found under the articles written about these products.

1. A gazebo canopy is perfect to sit under when the sun is shining bright and sharp. However, when the it's raining, you won't get too much use out of your gazebo canopy. Especially when you opt for a shade cloth as a roof for your gazebo canopy. (Be sure to take this roofing off or wrap it up against heavy weather conditions)

2. In comparison with other types of sun protection, a gazebo canopy can be quite expensive. Cheaper options are sun protection for inside, for example blinds and screens.

3. If you don't own a large garden, your privacy can be disturbed by neighbours or passers.