metal gazebo canopy

Metal gazebo canopy

Metal is a broad name. Under metal we'll find gazebo canopies out of wrought iron, steel and aluminum.
Metal is a strong material with a heigh strength/weight ratio, which makes it perfect to use for a gazebo canopy. Since it is a human made material, you have a lot of possibilities with metal, without all too much work for maintaining it.

Possibilities with metal

As we stated earlier in this article, most gazebo canopies are made out of wrought iron, steel or aluminum.
Aluminum is definitely one of the more popular metals, so we dedicated a whole article on this metal. You can go to this article by clicking here.

Wrought Iron
wrought iron  gazebo canopy Probably the most elegant and subtle metal is wrought iron. This -mostly- black metal is often used for decorative gazebo canopies, which are often overgrown with creepers.
We say elegant and subtle because the metal mostly consists of fine, corrugated tubing which gives this gazebo canopy an elegant look.

Most people think that wrought iron can only be used to make a classical looking gazebo canopy. Most of the wrought iron gazebo canopies are indeed quite classical looking, but working with wrought iron doesn't necessarily mean that it has to be looking so classical.

steel gazebo canopy One of the strongest metals is steel. In the case of a gazebo canopy, this metal will be completely resistent against rust, water, mold and insects.
If you choose to have your roofing made out of steel, be aware that it can make a lot of noise when there is hail or heavy rain dripping on steel.

Like we said earlier, be sure to read this article about an aluminum gazebo canopy.

Aluminum is a light weight, mostly light grayish coloured, metal.
Because it's not heavy at all, people often choose for aluminum. In most cases, it's also one of the cheapest metals to build a gazebo canopy out of.

Advantages and disadvantages

The different types of metal have different advantages and disadvantages.
We list all of the advantages and disadvantages from the different materials, as wel as the mutual ones.

Mutual advantagesmetal gazebo canopy
Whatever metal you choose from, all of them are incredibly strong. They can easily support a lot of weight, and they are resistent against bad weather or a bad temper for that matter. All the metals that are used for a gazebo canopy have almost no maintenance necessary. These metals are anti-rust, anti-mould and perfectly capable to resist all the weather vagaries.
You can make it seem that the metal gazebo canopy is made out of one piece, since all the pieces can be welded together.

Mutual disadvantages
Metal is, and always will be, very expensive. Wrought iron is probably the most expensive material, aluminum the least expensive one.

Wrought iron advantages
Wrought iron is the most elegant of all the metals. Besides that, it also give you the most possibilities. You can add all sorts of fringes and features to this gazebo canopy. It's the only metal that you can easily bend as a construction.

Wrought iron disadvantagesmetal gazebo canopy
It's the most expensive metal, since it's all handy work.

Steel advantages
Has the heighest strength/weight ratio of all the metals.

Steel disadvantages
The least possibilities, mostly a steel gazebo canopy is quite rectangular.

Aluminum advantages
Aluminum is the least heavy metal, which also gives it advantages in the building process. It's constructed easier, which gives the placement of it a boost, which will save you some money.

Aluminum disadvantages
After wrought iron, aluminum is another expensive metal.