pvc gazebo canopy

PVC gazebo canopy

Plastic comes in all sorts and sizes.
For constructions such as a gazebo canopy, the plastic has to be of a very high quality. It has to be able to support the weight of the gazebo canopy, and of course it needs to be resistant against rain, hail, wind but at the same time protect us against too much sun.

PVC or vinyl are one of the strongest plastics, and thus it raises no questions why this material is widely used for gazebo canopies.

PVC and vinyl is a very cheap material, in most cases. And it has a lot of possibilities! Because of this, you can easily make a 'budget' gazebo canopy out of this material.

Possibilities with PVC

A lot of people tend to choose for other materials for a gazebo canopy, because they think the possibilities with PVC are quite little or cheap looking.
pvc gazebo canopy It is right, that the cheaper PVC gazebo canopy (mostly the one made from scratch) often lack a visual appealing side.
Mostly these gazebo canopies are made out of wooden or steel posts, with a crimp plate as a roof. It isn't visually appealing in most cases, but it is perfectly useable as a gazebo canopy!

A PVC or vinyl gazebo canopy of a higher quality, and at the same time visually appealing, will be found in DIY packs or can be installed by workmen.

Advantages and disadvantages

An amazing extra PVC offers, is that a PVC gazebo canopy will stop both UV-rays and infrared rays. This is good for everyone sitting underneath the gazebo canopy, but also for the furniture standing below it.
vinyl gazebo canopy These rays normally will bleach your furniture, but because they get reflected by the PVC this will no longer be the case!
Like glass, PVC or vinyl allows light to come through (if you don't want this, you can choose for coloured PVC) but it's almost unbreakable!

Another advantage that makes this one of the most appealing materials, is that it's so incredibly cheap. Both the material itself, as the cost of placing it is very low. Because the materials are so light it get's the job done faster.

Just like glass, the see-through version of this material will make it easy to spot dust and dirt.
A 'might be' disadvantage is that not everyone likes the view of a vinyl or pvc gazebo canopy.